West Hartford, CT
Project Description

This building is located just beyond the center of West Hartford where several adjacent buildings, originally built as single family homes in the early 20th century, have been converted to business uses. The conversion of a 3 story wood structure to a Business Use presents challenges from both a code perspective as well as to the surrounding neighborhood. This project required a site plan approval for a zone change; issues such as lighting, traffic, office hours, signage, and landscape screening had be resolved.

The conversion to a business use required extensive building, fire, and ADA code updates; this included a new egress stair, enclosure of the existing stair, a wheelchair lift, a full building sprinkler system, accessible bathrooms and workspaces, and fire protection of wood structural systems. The simple part for us was the design of the space and the additions.

Services Performed
Architectural Design
Site Plan Approval and Approval from West Hartford's Design Review and Advisory Committee
Construction Documents
Construction Administration

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